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Change your LIFE,
NOT just your Body!

Jenny McCormick

You have tried every diet out there, but for various reasons, nothing sticks long term.

You have said "I will start again on Monday" more times than you can count, and you are honestly tired of not showing up for yourself.

You are in analysis paralysis with all of the "diets" out there and you are ready to just learn how to eat, so you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

You WANT your kids to have a better relationship with food than you did, but you realize that you still struggle with yours.

Who can relate to the following...

I'm here to help women

I teach women how to properly fuel their bodies, so they can reach their full potential.

get started

let's do this

Hi, I’m Jenny McCormick, a certified health coach here to help you make a change that lasts.  It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about learning how to eat, so that you can keep the weight OFF.  

We have ONE life and ONE body that we have been given.  It's never too late to turn things around and restore your health!  You can live a life full of vitality, but you need to learn how to fuel your body accordingly!

I'm here to keep things simple for you and to guide you step-by-step along the way.  I am PASSIONATE that food heals and I want to show you that too!

Hey there!

what to expect

When we work together to shift your life.

benefit #1 Feel Better

When you change your eating habits for the better, you begin to notice how many other benefits it brings to your overall health. Fix your food and a better hormonal balance awaits. You’ll see an improvement in gut health, sleep better and can even alleviate anxiety and depression.  

benefit #2 Guidnace & Support

Do you ever wish you had someone accompanying you on your health journey? As your online health coach, that’s exactly what I deliver with my online programs, empowering you to end your unhealthy relationship with food, one day at a time. You’ll enjoy delicious menus and food plans, learn about the benefits of a whole foods diet and can check in with me daily...all from the convenience of your phone.

benefit #3 Lasting Results 

To lose weight, I’m a firm believer that first you need to learn how to eat.  There are so many mixed messages out there, making it so confusing. 

My programs aim to take away common misconceptions and teach you about why certain foods are bad for our bodies. 

My science-backed approach first teaches you how to eat, then how to lose the weight.  You will stop feeling like a victim and START feeling like you have all the tools you need to succeed!

Let's work together!

You have permission

To accept yourself for who you are right now AND want more for yourself.

To want to feel confident and great in your own skin.

To put yourself first and do something that will forever change your perspective.

To reach your full potential at ANY age

To stop messing around with diets and start LIVING your life. 

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